Membership has
its privileges

Catalyst club is an invite only group. In order to join, you must be referred in by at least one existing member, and pass a due diligence evaluation.

Who we are:

We are thinkers, doers, makers, and dreamers. We all share the common understanding that execution is everything and that time is precious. From CEO’s to Functional Movement Experts to Philosophers anyone is welcome that shares our value set and brings beneficial expertise to the table.

Our Mission:

To efficiently and effectively bring together the brightest and most capable people, and empower them to share, grow, and accelerate minds into the future.


We are holding a monthly meeting at a luxurious spot that will be sent out a few days before the event to members.

Why Join?

We are the only group to offer an exclusive environment not based purely on financial success but around brilliant minds who want to meet good, authentic and vetted people. Because all of our time is precious, and who wants to waste an evening with people who only want to sell you insurance or housing.